Notification of collection of Personal Information

Freedom Fuels collects Personal Information in accordance with its Privacy Policy.

Our Privacy Policy contains information on how you may access and seek correction of Personal Information we have collected and/or hold about you, our complaints process for any potential breach of policy or of the Australian Privacy Principles and our full contact details.

Please be aware that your Personal Information may be disclosed to third parties in the ordinary course of business or otherwise for purposes such as recruitment and employment, competitions, insurance claims, establishing credit accounts, credit history reporting, complaints processing, and includes the potential disclosure to overseas recipients including Freedom Fuels’ shareholders in Japan and/or its credit insurance underwriters and Microsoft Hosted Exchange data storage in Hong Kong and/or Singapore.

By providing us with your Personal Information you are expressly acknowledging acceptance of our Privacy Policy, your consent to the potential use and/or disclosure of your Personal Information overseas, and your acknowledgement that Freedom Fuels will not be responsible for ensuring that any overseas recipient is compliant with the applicable Privacy Principles in relation to your Personal Information.

Freedom Fuels will not be liable for any breach of the Australian Privacy Principles by any overseas recipient and you may have no recourse under the Privacy Act against overseas recipients.