Our bulk Fuels and Wholesale divisions service a wide range of customers, including branded and unbranded resellers, large fuel distributors, transport and bus companies.

Our customers always choose Freedom for our personalised service, competitive prices and excellent after sales service. They are supported by our local Sales staff and customer service centre, based in Brisbane.

Customers can choose whether to pick up at the terminal rack or have their fuel delivered.

We pride ourselves on getting your order right first time and delivering on time. Our Fuel is of the highest quality, is internationally sourced and meets Australian standards.

We can offer the following services to our customers:

Retail site layout advice Freedom Retail branding Terminal pickups Regular fuel deliveries Real personalised service Leveraging buying options Hardware merchant supply advice

  •  Retail site layout advice
  •  Freedom Retail branding
  •  Terminal pickups
  •  Regular fuel deliveries
  •  Real personalised service
  •  Leveraging buying options
  •  Hardware merchant supply advice

Click here to see the list of the Bulk fuels we sell. We are enthusiastic about the opportunity to supply your future needs. Let our business fuel yours. Our bulk fuel sales division delivers 35,000L and above to our customers. We also have the facilities for direct terminal pick up 24 hours 7 days a week.