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E10 Unleaded 94

E10 Unleaded contains up to 10% Ethanol. This product exceeds the Fuel Quality standard for ULP fuel and offers a higher Octane rating than regular 100% fossil fuel ULP.

What is Renewable Ethanol?

Ethanol is an alcohol that is successfully added to petrol—resulting in a cleaner-burning fuel with higher octane. Freedom Ethanol blended fuel combines Unleaded or Premium Unleaded fuel with up to 10% ethanol. Using Freedom ethanol blended fuels, or E10 as it’s sometimes referred to, is an easy way to reduce your impact on our environment. Ethanol has been safely added to fuel in Brazil and USA for more than 30 years.

Is Ethanol Better for our Environment?

When ethanol is combusted in your engine there is a more efficient cleaner burn, which lowers the amount of carbon monoxide emissions. The Greenhouse Gas savings for an E10 blend are typically between 1-5%, which multiplied by the many millions of litres sold in Australia adds up to making a very big difference.

In June 2008, CSIRO/Orbital Research concluded that there were health benefits in using E10 blended fuels. E10 blends reduce air toxins, and can have positive effects on our health, particularly respiratory, cardiovascular, and asthma.

How is Ethanol made?

Made right here in Australia, ethanol for use as fuel is produced by fermentation. Certain species of yeast metabolise in the absence of oxygen and produce ethanol.

Ethanol and your Vehicle Warranty

The Australian Car Manufacturing Industry’s endorsement of ethanol blended fuels is reassuring for drivers and it’s comforting to know that E10 fuels are safe for new vehicles and will not affect warranties.

Whilst many older vehicles can safely run on Freedom Ethanol blended fuels, customers should check their vehicle manufacturer’s warranty before using a 10% ethanol blended fuel.

E10 blends can be safely used in a range of lawn and marine equipment.

Ethanol should not be used in aviation equipment.

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